Friday DIY: Yarn Wall Art

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So due to limited resources and Amazon slowing down the delivery on non-essential items, I thought I would try a quick DIY project.  Since I have a little time I want to get back into making accessories for the house and this activity eases my anxiety, and decreases my stress. (We can all use a cup of that right now)

So I decided to make a mini-macrame wall hanging for the lower level. (I’ll eventually make a pipe-ladder to connect the two levels, but that will be in another post)

Here’s What I did!

preview 1

Preview 2

Diorama 3

Diorama 4

Diorama 6

Diorama 8

Diorama 9

This was super-easy, and now I’m feeling motivated to start working on my dollhouse again.  I say if it brings you joy … why disrupt that flow.

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“Happy Fathers Day”

Once again in the spirit of the holiday + I’m not doing any work on the dollhouse . I thought about posting a poem for Dad’s day + but that seems forced and awkward + like Mother’s Day I’d rather just speak on what I know.  My dad is the gentle giant + he is a man of few words but when he speaks you pay attention.  As an only child I was spoiled in the way of attention + I didn’t have to fight for affection + it was always there.  Growing up his mannerisms were methodical + intentional + and always caring.  I could sit with my Dad for hours without saying a word + and I still felt that was much more than meaningless conversation + it was his presence + if he was around I always felt safe and sure of myself + always my protector + and always giving even as I approach 50 + all he wants to do is give of himself + as I type this my eyes well up because I know that our bond is special.  I love my dad + and not just on this day but everyday + because everyday I get closer + and everyday I love him more.

To all the “Dads” — Happy Fathers Day + and may you know the happiness and joy you bring to those around you. — The Dollplace Project (Wyetha)

“Happy Mothers Day”

This weekend I decided not to do any work, or build, or make anything in honor of Mothers Day.  While my mothering is not over but has shifted since my daughter is 25, the role doesn’t change. + I think of where I would be in this world without my parents but especially my Mom. + My Mom has helped me more than she will ever realize, in her patience, and wisdom, and constant support. + Motherhood can be one of those thank-less jobs but it’s the most challenging, frustrating, rewarding jobs of your life. + I think back to what I sacrificed being a single-parent to my daughter which doesn’t even hold a candle to my Mom. + The days of working as a hotel housekeeper, and making sure Sunday dinners were always a constant. + I didn’t get everything I wanted but I got what I needed. + I don’t have any siblings so my friends would call me spoiled, I just say I was loved, because me and my Mom had a special type of relationship. + There were times when I tried her patience and she drove me crazy once I hit my teens. + There was a time and space where I just didn’t understand her logic, and we argued all of the time, I was feeling my britches (as older folks would say). + I knew that I wasn’t grown, but old enough to know what I wanted, but that just wouldn’t fly with my Mom (she really wasn’t having it).  + Not strict but to the point…I didn’t understand then, like I know now. + Mother-daughter relationships are special and no matter the circumstances you only get one Mom, and I love mine dearly. + So to all the Mothers today, and all that you do, we may not always know how to express it but just know that you are loved, respected and appreciated….I would like wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day. — Wyetha

Project #7: Lighting

My lighting for my dolly house is done, and I think this is the best project that I’ve done so far, and the easiest one yet. + I had so much fun hanging these little gems. + These would even work for a standing lamp or table lamp provided I can make or find the right vessel to set the LED light in. + White IKEA style lamps could also work providing I can make the paper for the shape . + In my last post I mentioned that I was ordering these little paper lantern LED lights. + They arrived last week and so far so good. + The lights came 24 to a pack and can last anywhere from 4 to 10 hours which is perfect because I’m only using 3-4 lights, and mine are off most of the time just by loosening the cap. + Now I’m trying to plan some other projects that I can use these mini LEDs. + I can’t wait.

Here’s a recap and of my dolly lighting project. + I’m also working on a printable tutorial, and I’ll post more .+ Details to come.


Once I gathered my materials together + my project went quickly


First I pulled the lanterns from the string light + most of the string lights that you find in your local Michael’s or Target store are pretty much the same. + The lanterns or globes should come off pretty easily since you may have to replace a bulb after long use.




Then I broke off a small piece of wire to string through the top of the light + Once through I twisted the top to secure it






Meanwhile I screwed the c-hook to the ceiling where I wanted the lantern to hang + then I just hung the lantern from the hook + it was that easy.










Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and come back Sunday where hopefully I can complete something else from my long list here on the Dollplace Project.

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◈ Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D
◈ Aputure Amaran Halo AHL-H100 LED Ring Flash Light

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Project #6: Little Details

It seems that nothing goes as planned when I’m working on my little diorama. + I know what I want to tackle next but things happen beyond my control so I can’t procure what I need to make that particular project happen. + I always assume that giving myself a week can work in most instances, but when items take a week to arrive I have to shift and try something else. + What also happens is the idea in my head doesn’t translate well once I see it, and touch it. + There are so many factors when it comes to completing some of the projects that I have planned. + Even though I can’t always do what I want I always want to tackle something, no matter how small. + So here’s a re-cap.

TASK #1: Lighting
I got these cute metal indoor/outdoor string lights from Michael’s. + The allure was that I could remove the lantern and use them individually. + You may be wondering…why not just string the lights and hang them all. + There are 10 little lanterns to a string, which is too many. Hanging them all will crowd the space leaving little to no head room.



Lanterns1_text copy

My idea was to use some tea lights (I have on hand) in place of the string light, but when I paired them together, they were awkward. I could glue the light to the lantern and affix that to the ceiling, but that leaves me no way to access the on-off switch once hung or the battery.

DSC_6589-2 copy

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 5.56.27 PM

Ok that’s problem, but the solution is individual LED lantern light.s + The light has a hook at the base so I can use the same C-hook or wire (after I fill the holes in the ceiling) to suspend the light. + Amazon does have them (great!) but it means more waiting for that to arrive, so the lights will be waiting until next weekend.

Task #2: Mini Flower Pots
I decided to maximize headroom in the space by not hanging the plants as I had planned but, creating a faux living wall using the plants that I got for $1.99 from Michael’s. + I already had everything on hand. + I pulled the plant from the pot, glued them to my chalk wall, and added some rocks which I had on hand. + I got some inspiration from Pinterest to add some hand lettering for spring, and that’s it! + Now I have a faux living wall that can be swapped out whenever I decide to change the decor.


The succulents pulled from the mini pot

chalkart_text copy

Adding some hand lettering






Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and come back Sunday as I finish my lantern lighting on the Dollplace Project.

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+ Nikon D90
+ Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G
+ Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D
+ iPhone 6+
Aputure Amaran Halo AHL-H100 LED Ring Flash Light

+ Adobe Lightoom
+ Adobe Photoshop
+ PhotoScapeX

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