Project #4: Updates & Progress

I don’t know what it is about about a 4-day weekend, but for me it means kicking back and doing absolutely nothing.  However I didn’t want my little projects that I had planned to suffer because I wanted to be lazy.  I still managed to get some small things done, but, not what I planned to do.  I did work on my side table, crocheted a throw, and stained some wood pieces, but I never got around to fixing the holes in the ceiling (underside of the table) that I had originally planned.  That was mainly because I didn’t do any research on what, or how, or anything.  Last week was a little stressful dealing with everyday things (#reallifeproblems) but I get through it like I always do with a little help from “B” and just peace and prayer.

I really thought I could use a faux beam to hide the holes I made when I used the C-hooks for the curtains. However, if I do that then I can’t just do it in one place, I need to equally put them across the entire underside of the table, so it’s cohesive.  Mind you it’s only 22 inches in width but it’s still a task that I’m not sure if I want to take on, so next week I will really start searching for ideas on how disguise it.  That will put my mini-flooring project on hold (which is a good thing) because I haven’t decided what material I can use (that’s cheap), that will work.

So here’s a little snapshot of what I did this over the long weekend.


My crate without stain.  I also stained a small plaque that I plan on using for an art wall for my dollies.






I will also do the same throw in an oatmeal colored cotton yarn.






The table was easier than I thought.  After failing at creating the table legs with the copper coil + I searched for what I could use to make them + realizing that what I needed was right here.  Back in December I picked up branches from a nearby park to make some table top trees + and I kept the extras.  I just used a little saw to cut them to size + my sanding block to even them out + and hot glue to attach them and wallah…a cute little table


I made this book about a year ago for a prop for my Independent Study course, and it still comes in handy + 1 -2 regular sized (8.5 x 11) pages can make an entire book for a BJD


Why take a picture of shoes + why not




Even though I didn’t tackle anything difficult this week + I’m glad I got to do a few more things and finish up some others.


Thanks so much for visiting my blog  + and come back next Sunday to see what I take on next on The Dollplace Project.


+ Nikon D90
+ Nikkor 55-105mm
+ Nikkor 50mm 1/4
+ Amaran Ring Light


+ Adobe Lightroom
+ Adobe Photoshop


+ Michaels
+ Home Depot


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