Project #5 Continued: Lower Level Carpet Tiles…Fail..”Whomp,Whomp, Whomp”

I can’t say that I didn’t give this the ole college try, because I really did.  Now mostly this is all my fault considering that I didn’t know what to expect for 8 x 8 carpet tiles that were only a buck each. The price was great but I should have known better…#whatyouexpectforadollar.  I got 8 tiles from Home Depot because I’m working with a 21 inch square surface.  They looked and felt really cheap and the quality was terrible, but I was going to make it work.


I knew they would be thin that wasn’t the problem + I really thought the fibers would be wound tighter + or at least that what’s the image foretold.


Once I cut the carpet tiles to fit the legs (which was so much easier than the flooring) I laid them all out on the surface but they just didn’t look good.  Like I said the tiles were a dollar but what I didn’t expect was this medium pile carpet with the edges fraying, and the carpet fiber dust everywhere. I was really disappointed by this point and this was after I glued down the first four tiles.





I wiped down the surface really well before I started glueing


They fit so easily into place + however if I ever needed to get to my L-bracket + it could be a problem


They were also curling up + which is probably due to how they were shipped


This is when I knew that it wasn’t working + “sigh”

So I basically spent Saturday afternoon, cutting the carpet tiles, glueing them down then, pulling them up and scraping up the hot glue with a box cutter.  I thought Ok this was a huge fail on my part and why is this project giving me so much trouble.  This was supposed to be done in two weekends time… oh well exhale…  So, I am back on Amazon looking at contact paper.  If I get contact paper and it’s wood it could clash with the vinyl tiles planks that I just completed, so now I just don’t know what to do.

However all is not lost.  I do still have three vinyl flooring tiles and several planks left over from the other project.  I figured ok I don’t want to spend hours doing this so I will lay them down as is.  I only used 3 vinyl tiles total.  I’ve laid them out and… I still don’t like it, so now I need to really think if I want to continue with the floors as is, using the leftover tile, or get contact paper from Amazon that looks like a wood a floor.


By this point I was ready to pull back and think over some other options


I really wanted to be done with this so I could move on to cutting out some windows and painting some foam core walls but these floors have turned out to be such a pain.  I really should have just used contact paper on both levels rather than trying to create an authentic floor.  On that note, I don’t think I’ll complete the lower level this weekend.  This will give me a few days to think about whether or not I want to use a vinyl shelf liner as I did with the ceilings.

Here are some choices that I’m thinking about + all under $16 dollars +  all from Amazon


I really like all three, however it would be a big change, and if I put contact paper on the lower level, do I then change the upper level and pull up that floor.  That’s something I don’t want to do.  I’m proud of that project that poured all of my energy into, and with a bit of trim it will be perfect.  In general I know I’ve run into some setbacks but it’s turning out well, and I love giving the other side of my brain something to chew on.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog  + come back next Sunday for a completion of this project as well as something new, on the Dollplace Project.



+ Nikon D90
+ Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G
+ Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D
+ Aputure Amaran Halo AHL-H100 LED Ring Flash Light


+ Adobe Lightroom
+ Adobe Photoshop


+ Amazon
+ Home Depot
+ Michaels
+Little Victorian Blog



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