Project #9: Coffee Table Book *Update*

As promised I knew that I would continue this project off-line with better materials.  I purchased some small wood pieces (about 2.5″ by 3.5″) from Micheal’s.  I had just about given up when I found these in the wood ornaments section.  They were .29 cents each and they only had 25 so I purchased the whole little bin.  + Because the pieces are thin I knew that I would glue them together.  + I used two pieces for the magazines and 3 pieces for the coffee table books using a strong adhesive (Gorilla Crazy Glue). + The harder part was in the printing and getting the front and back covers (if there were any) to match and line up correctly. + Yes I’m a bad person for printing these at work considering how many duds I went through to get them right. + But I knew (like I mentioned in my last post) that this would work better on a laser printer vs. my Canon. My Canon is a good printer with the correct paper, however I didn’t want to bleed all of my ink, and the black seemed spotty and looked more gray vs. a true black. + I should have used the dropper in Photoshop to match the black exactly because no one black color is alike and they all print different from printer to printer.

Here are a few pics of how they turned out.












I think they came out great with a bit of effort, and since I used wood vs. foam core they’re very sturdy.  + In the future I may try a different type of paper, however plain printer paper glues down really well. + This project will be ongoing so I can eventually have a really tall book stack in the corner of the condo. + I will probably make some sort of book display next, as I continue to tackle smaller projects before I move onto anything big, and that’s only because I’ve got a lot going on with my daytime gig.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and come back next Sunday for more miniature decor DIYs on The Dollplace Project.

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