Project #10: The Chair Saga…Continues…

So after completing a rough version of my chair I didn’t much like it because it does resemble a box. + Then I went back and really thought what type of look I wanted for my dolly condo and that chair just wasn’t doing it, so back to the basics.  I really thought about what would be easy to make on my own and sturdy with some sort of wooden element to it. + It took me a while as I lost motivation trying to think of something. +  I even pulled out my old sketch pad and at about 1:30am I drew out something that resembled a chair. + I also did some research on what I could use for materials other than wood, and if I did use wood how much of did I want. + So here’s what I came up with.

I know my sketches are rough but I figure that I will still use foam core for the basic seat with a thick batting. + The plan is still to use a faux leather material. + The back gave me some trouble because I needed something flexible and something to wrap around the seat of the chair. + Wood is not very flexible, some plywood can be curved or bent but I don’t possess the tools to do this so I thought of what I could possibly use for backing, and came up with a simple solution. + Walmart has these flexible, washable placemats made of a plastic-like material, and I thought that could work. Once it’s covered in batting it can be stapled to the base of the seating giving me my backing. + The legs will be wooden dowels cut down at an angle to resemble a mid-century modern Eames chair (just like my blog banner). Now I’ve got the basics down and I’m ready to hit the ground running. + I’m hoping to have this complete (ordering fabric online) within about two weeks.

IMG_3549 copy


IMG_3555 copy


So it’s not much but it’s something. + I felt really guilty not churning out a project every single week, but I have to be realistic about this venture. + It’s a hobby, and not all-consuming, so I know I won’t be able to accomplish everything I set out to do, and I’m perfectly OK with that. + But enough of my babble…That’s it for this weekend.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and come back next Sunday for more miniature decor DIYs on The Dollplace Project.

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[header image: Dillon Mangum + Unsplash]


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