Happy Holiday’s … Mini Tree Project

Hello and Happy Holidays.  Its been a while since I’ve posted on this blog, but I do have some mini-projects coming.  Since it’s the holiday … my BJD condo needed a tree.  I will admit that the original tree I got for my dolls got lifted to use for my everyday decor, so I used a bottle-brush tree for this project instead.

Since tree cuffs are trending I thought I would make one for my BJD diorama, but finding the cuff proved to be a challenge.


[Supplies] 1 Bottle Brush Tree + Rope or Twine + Small ceramic dish + Fiber Fill + Scissors + glue gun [not pictured] + fabric [this same fabric was used to make their curtains]


I decided to use the twine and used my glue gun to start wrapping the twine to cover the entire dish.




Once the dish was wrapped with twine I used scissors to cut off the extra fibers + and peeled away some of the extra glue.


Then I used my fabric to tuck inside the dish + this provided the height that I needed because without this the tree would sit too far inside the dish.  I also left some on the side to swag down.


All done + and I think it turned out nicely.


This was the quickest project that I’ve done by far taking all of 30 minutes. I know that I want to use a bigger tree overall, but this works in a pinch, and this way my diorama is partially decorated for the holiday.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, I’ll have more projects coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe to The Dollplace Project.



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