IKEA Dollhouse: The Fireplace … UPDATE

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Hello my Friends it’s Monday.  So today the post is late because I just didn’t have time to post on Friday, between meetings, adulting and house things, the time slipped away.  I don’t like missing posts so I’m here today to give you an update on the current project.

Last week in the dollhouse I continued to work on the firelace.  I did get a different hacksaw, but It just didn’t work for the smaller pieces. I was able to cut the larger front pieces but the sides were going to be a challenge.  So Friday night at 9pm, I threw my hands up and decided to use my Cricut.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before to cut all my pieces, but I’ve had issues (even with the heavier cutting blade) cutting balsa wood with the Cricut.  This time around I was deteremined to make it work.

I abandoned cutting the little pieces for the sides and inset and went with two long pieces for the full length of both sides, and well as the inside.  OMG why didn’t I do this before.  With the Cricut I could have finished this project in 3-days vs. 2 1/2 weeks. (What was I thinking)

So here’s how it went!

(I’m still including my drawing becasue this was the basic design)

  • I did some rough measuring of all the sides, as well as the inside. 
  • Opened up my Cricut design space, and set up the project to the measurments.
  • Some of the cuts were a little off, but I compensated for that with a box cutter and just cut down what I didn’t need.
  • Added extra pressure on the blade to cut wood, and that was it.

I can’t give you a Cricut tutorial because I’m only just learning to use mine even though I’ve had it for a year, but it worked for this project.

I’m thinking next time I could have built the entire fireplace from the wood and omitted the cardboard all together.

Once everything was cut it was time to glue all the pieces down.  That was the easy part.  Although it looks done I still need some woodfiller for a few gaps I want to conseal before I paint.

Cutting the Project with the Cricut

Almost Done!

Here is where I used the box-cutter to go around the shape and just pop out the pieces.  (Note to self:  I will do this from scratch at some point)

Setting it in place!

I think this turned out pretty good for my first time doing a project like this.  Finally in the home stretch.  

To Do Notes

  • Some wood-filler for the gaps
  • Add the backing for the insert
  • Decide on mini cement balls or little wood slices
  • Then a mantle
  • Once that’s done I can can paint and secure it to the wall.

What’s Next in the Dollhouse?

Next I’ll be finishing up the fireplace, then trying to make some pillows and a duvet for the bed.  I’m also going to order the tub and toilet, and check out some DIY’s for lighting.  After that I’ll be finishing up the bedroom.

You can always find out what I’m doing by checking the “Projects” page.

Check out my Etsy list for more miniatures!

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and stay tuned for more of this IKEA dollhouse hack. — Peace —

Fireplace Illustration … Freepik


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