Project #10: The Chair Saga…Continues…

So after completing a rough version of my chair I didn’t much like it because it does resemble a box. + Then I went back and really thought what type of look I wanted for my dolly condo and that chair just wasn’t doing it, so back to the basics.  I really thought about what would be easy to make on my own and sturdy … Continue reading Project #10: The Chair Saga…Continues…

Project #10 (Continued) “It’s a Box…Uh it’s a Chair”

Yes my chair is coming along, but it does resemble a box. + I didn’t realize how difficult this would be until I started cutting the pieces. + So last week I cut all of my pieces, but when I wanted to put them together it still wasn’t right, so I went back and recut more pieces. + Even what I measured, and measured again … Continue reading Project #10 (Continued) “It’s a Box…Uh it’s a Chair”

Project #10: Beginning the Prototype

I’m finally starting on my first bit of furniture, and I know this is going to be a a task. + I want my furniture to be made of wood, even though I plan on adding fabric to upholster them.  The hard part is making the prototype from foam core. + The first thing I did was measure my doll so I could accurately measure … Continue reading Project #10: Beginning the Prototype

Side Project: A Little Extra

As fate would have it there just wasn’t time to get to my shelving, as you know #reallife comes a knocking, and I couldn’t get to where I needed to get my supplies. + So I searched around my place to see what had on hand.  I wanted to attach some hooks to one of the walls…yes to hang things but basically they would be purely … Continue reading Side Project: A Little Extra

Project #9: Coffee Table Book *Update*

As promised I knew that I would continue this project off-line with better materials.  I purchased some small wood pieces (about 2.5″ by 3.5″) from Micheal’s.  I had just about given up when I found these in the wood ornaments section.  They were .29 cents each and they only had 25 so I purchased the whole little bin.  + Because the pieces are thin I knew … Continue reading Project #9: Coffee Table Book *Update*

Project #9: Coffee Table Book

This week I decided to try my hand and making some coffee table books vs. purchasing them.  I’m all for purchasing a good product — especially if the details are perfect.  I thought that I would try my hand at making a simple coffee table book.  This little project took a little longer than I thought only because of sizing and printing.  For my books … Continue reading Project #9: Coffee Table Book

Project Interim: “Spring Cleaning”

This week is not such a mystery. + I’ve actually decided to do a bit of cleaning, and donate or give away some much-needed items to make space for new ones.  It’s been such a gloomy weekend, and with no natural light it makes it even harder to get a good photo, so I figured maybe it’s time for a quick break from the building and creating … and, in the interim do a bit of cleaning and purging. + So I’m clearing everything out of the tiny space, then wiping it all down. + I’m going to sit out the items from the doll space that are not working.  After this space is done, I’m going through the bin of clothing and accessories that I’ve acquired over the years. + Several of the items don’t fit properly because all of my BJD’s vary in size slightly.  + It’s even harder to get things for Mitsuki (MyDolling + HeeAh). Certain clothes and shoes are harder to fit her so I’m purging and or donating those items as well.

Continue reading “Project Interim: “Spring Cleaning””