Project Interim: “Spring Cleaning”

This week is not such a mystery. + I’ve actually decided to do a bit of cleaning, and donate or give away some much-needed items to make space for new ones.  It’s been such a gloomy weekend, and with no natural light it makes it even harder to get a good photo, so I figured maybe it’s time for a quick break from the building and creating … and, in the interim do a bit of cleaning and purging. + So I’m clearing everything out of the tiny space, then wiping it all down. + I’m going to sit out the items from the doll space that are not working.  After this space is done, I’m going through the bin of clothing and accessories that I’ve acquired over the years. + Several of the items don’t fit properly because all of my BJD’s vary in size slightly.  + It’s even harder to get things for Mitsuki (MyDolling + HeeAh). Certain clothes and shoes are harder to fit her so I’m purging and or donating those items as well.

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Project #6: Little Details

It seems that nothing goes as planned when I’m working on my little diorama. + I know what I want to tackle next but things happen beyond my control so I can’t procure what I need to make that particular project happen. + I always assume that giving myself a week can work in most instances, but when items take a week to arrive I have to … Continue reading Project #6: Little Details

Project #5 Continued: Upper Level Floors Complete

I have finally finished just the top level of flooring.  Yes, yes I know…..I was supposed to tackle both levels but whew….what a bear, and cutting the peel and stick tile ruined every blade that I used to cut it.  Cutting planks was harder than I imaged, and knowing that I can’t cut anything strait made it challenging, for a moment I really thought that I … Continue reading Project #5 Continued: Upper Level Floors Complete

Project #5: Flooring

As you can see flooring won out on the project this week.  You know when you’ve looked at images and read things 20 times and everything starts to blur so you go back and read it 10 more times.  That was me this week trying to figure out how to tackle this project, and not spend a lot of money.  I happened upon the Little Victorian blog, … Continue reading Project #5: Flooring

Project #4: Updates & Progress

I don’t know what it is about about a 4-day weekend, but for me it means kicking back and doing absolutely nothing.  However I didn’t want my little projects that I had planned to suffer because I wanted to be lazy.  I still managed to get some small things done, but, not what I planned to do.  I did work on my side table, crocheted … Continue reading Project #4: Updates & Progress

Project #3: Side Table

This weekend I’m working on the more challenging task of making some furniture.  I’m going to attempt a coffee table and two side tables. Of course research began on Pinterest, Blogs, and other mediums to see what I could make at 1/4 scale.   I did check Etsy for supplies but found that what I needed was going to be costly.  I’d rather spend money … Continue reading Project #3: Side Table

Project #2: Pouf Seating

Hello again! I’m back this week with another project.  This week I’m making crochet pouf seating for my dollies.  I haven’t picked up my crochet hook in some time, but it comes easy to me.  I started crocheting when I was 12 (translation…long-long-long-long time ago.  I never finished anything.  I would create these long chains and didn’t know what to do from there, and I had … Continue reading Project #2: Pouf Seating